T'La SoulFIT!

Timotha Lanae is the founder and brainchild behind T'La SoulFIT! Many know Timotha as a chart topping recording artist, musical theater performer, and on-screen actress. Fewer may know that she is a certified personal trainer, with a degree in education, and also a nutrition, wellness and beauty enthusiast. As a personal trainer, Timotha has always been passionate about sharing her knowledge on health, fitness, wellness and beauty. It was not until recently that she listened to the inner voice that had been urging her for years to share her knowledge with the masses.

T'La SoulFIT was created to do just that, an all-inclusive lifestyle program that provides education, support, and innovative programs and services to help the everyday person achieve their optimal SoulFIT self. She says, “I believe that health, wellness, fitness and beauty are interwoven. Without good health you can’t truly be fit, without fitness you can’t truly be healthy, without wellness, health and fitness are eventually reversed, but when all of these lifestyle elements come into balance, beauty will radiate from within. This is what it means to be SoulFIT, but SoulFitness cannot be achieved without the proper education, support, and programs. This is why I created T’La SoulFIT.”

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program

Who is T'La?